DCAT-AP for metadata

Best-effort HTML views

No data replication

Our release cycle

No planned milestone (yet!)

At the moment there is no milestone planned. We have a bi-annual release schedule, so stay tuned for more info soon.
Due by TBA

Supported datatypes at input

CSV and XLS files
JSON files
XML files
RDF formats
JSON-LD files
SPARQL stores
SHP files
MySQL stores
Extend it with your own source readers

Built by the community

The DataTank is a RESTful data management system written in PHP5. It's ready to be your customised datahub inside your organisation that enables publishing several data formats into web readable formats. The software is managed by Open Knowledge Belgium.

A professional service is guaranteed by our core team of developers. To help us lifting The DataTank to the next level, join our user group of enthusiasts who meet regularly to decide the next priorities of The DataTank development.

You can always get in touch on one of the platforms below, don't hesitate to contact us if you're interested or have any questions.


When I started The DataTank in 2008, I was aiming for the moon. Today I'm so excited realising that this community wants no less. Together, they are working awfully hard on publishing data into this world.
— Bart Van Loon, Zeropoint.it

The DataTank grows with your open data experience. Introducing it in your company helps you to take next steps to more usable data.
— Bart Rosseau, City of Ghent

Since we integrated The DataTank within our information management systems, it became crystal clear that this data publisher was the enabler to make the Open Data story happen in our region.
— Wouter Degadt, Leiedal